I think I just got the most pathetic message ever -

"Hi Katy, just wanted to send you a message for your 2013 my love. Well to start with I know your 2012 was shit but yeah, you managed right? With the help of blades, scissors and some lovely pills they don’t help most people but they worked for you right? All that blood and the times you wanted to die, that must have been a highlight for you right? Aw love, I hope your 2013 is better, full of more blood and maybe you will succeed in ending life right? Well see you at school, maybe your friends will still like you? Or not because no one wants to be friends with a little freak right? - Love you sweetheart - her name." 

Yes, I did just get that message. What an end to my 2013!! 

Posted on December 31st at 10:17 PM
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  1. gooner-chicanetrap said: Who the fuck does this bitch think she is? I LOVE YOU KATY AND SO DOES EVERY ONE ON HERE! JEALOUS BITCHES ABOUT THE PLACE.
  2. raceinspeed said: who is this piece of shit?
  3. forzaformula1 said: Just block the anons, they’re not worth your time. You’ve been amazing this year and I’m proud of you. Don’t let their pathetic ways bring you down! xxxx
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